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Sausage Jambalaya

Roasted Garlic Baby Reds
Cajun Garlic Green Beans

Southern Greens-Smoked Shank
Vegetable Medley
Cajun Cilantro Garlic Butter-Corn on the Cajun Cob

Vegetable Medley                                                                                   -  Zucchini-carrots-yellow squash-sweet red onions-green beans-beans sprouts-garlic butter

Wild Rice Jambalaya with Spicy Sausage                                              Chicken-stock-sausage-vegetables-cajun spices.

Roasted Rosemary & Garlic Baby Reds                                             Baby reds-herbs-spices-garlic-avocado oil then roasted win a garlic avocado oil

Saffron Rice Pilaf with Sausage                                                              Spices-vegetables-andouille sausage-shrimp-broth-basmati rice

Garlic Infused Asparagus                                                                        Asparagus-garlic-avocado oil or butter-creole spices

Ace of Corn Salsa                                                                              Cilantro-corn-assortment peppers-onion, marinated-vinaigrette

Cajun Sweet Cornbread                                                                                      Spicy sausage-peppers-onion-creole spices 

Cajun Green Beans with Garlic                                                              Green beans-garlic-creole spices-avocado oil or butter

Southern Mixed Greens with Smoked Ham Shank                               Turnip greens-onion-bok choy-smoked ham shank-spices-brothstock 

Creamy Country Mash Potatoes with Cheese & Chives                      Real potatoes-spices-garlic-chives-wisconsin cheese-sour cream

Mississippi Cheese and Apple Smoke Bacon Hush-puppies                Southern cornbread-bacon-herbs-spices-wisconsin cheese-fried

Braised Kale in Wine Broth with Smoked Ham                                        Kale-herbs-spices-smoked shank-wine broth-simmered

Roasted Cauliflower and Broccoli                                                          Cauliflower-broccoli-garlic-butter-spices-simmered

Caribbean Rum Glazed Baby Carrots                                                  Supreme baby carrots-brown sugar-rum-butter-sauteed

Cajun Cilantro Garlic Corn on the Cob                                                Local corn-garlic-butter-cilantro-cajun spice

Watermelon Salad                                                                                    Watermelon-peppers-gorgonzola cheese-black olives-wine-cilantro

Italian Garlic Cheese Bread                                                                        Italian bread-garlic-avocado oil-spices

Bacon-Cheese Hush Puppies                                                                      Southern cornbread mix-peppers-onion-garlic-cheese blend-bacon-fried

Cheesy Broccoli Spears                                                                               Broccoli-spices-cheese blend-cream-butter

Jazzy Up Green Beans                                                                                  Local green beans-garlic-spice-butter-onion-roma tomato

Watermelon Salad
Jazzed up Corn Salsa

Garlic Creole Asparagus
Vodka Infused Mac N Cheese

Italian Garlic Cheese Bread

Bacon-Cheese Hush Puppies 



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