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Chicken-Basil Pesto Vodka Sace

Shrimp Etoufee-Herbed Rice Pilaf

Double Award-Creole/Cherry-Pork Tenderloin-Port Wine Mushroom Sauce

Jerk Chicken-Mango Rum Sauce

Bourbon Pecan Chicken

Chicken Marsala-Portabella Mushrooms-Garlic-Wine Sauce

Southern Fish Fry

Jamaican Chicken Curry Pasta

Jambalaya Shrimp & Grits

Filet of Beef-Fried Potato-Aju
Jerk Pork Tenderloin-Mango Sauce

Sockeye-Salmon-Mango Salsa

Blackened Wild Sockeye Salmon

Shrimp/Sausage-Vodka Sherry Wine

Shrimp & Sausage Pasta-Vodka Sherry Cream Sauce                            White sauce-andouille Sausage-crawfish-vodka-sherry-Bow Tie Pasta 

Na’ lans Shrimp Etouffee - Basmati Rice Pilaf                                Creole gravy-crawfish or shrimp-veggies-garlic-parsley-roux-basmati rice pilaf                                   

Creole Stuffed Pastry with Crawfish Sherry Cream Sauce                     Andouille Jambalaya-stuffed pastry-crawfish sherry wine-cream-broth                                                                                                               Champion Southern Red Beans & Rice                                         Kidney beans-stock-fresh herbs-spices-spicy sausage-rice pilaf        

Vegetarian Course                                                                                         Seitan Scallopini-portabella mushroom-marsala cream-Garlic Butter Rigatoni    

Stuffed Jamaican Jerk Chicken with a Mango Rum Sauce                    Chicken-jamaican rum-seasoned wild rice-asiago-mango                                                                                                                                              Award Winning-Creole Pork Tenderloin-Port Wine Sauce                      1st place & Peoples Choice in the Minnesota & Wisconsin Pork Association Competition 2014)  - pork tenderloin-creole spices vocado 0il-shallot-garlic-wild mushroom-port wine            

Wild Rice Jambalaya with Chicken & Spicy Andouille Sausage             Wild rice-chicken and spicy sausage                                   

Blackened Walleye, Salmon, or Catfish                                                     Choice of fish-blackening seasoning-pan-fried-avocado Oil

Pan-Seared Salmon or Walleye with a Balsamic Maple Glaze                Wild Sockfey Salmon-wine balsamic-maple glaze

Southern Baby Back Ribs with a Pineapple Whiskey Sauce                    Baby back ribs-dry rub-pineapple-whiskey bbq sauce

Southern Fish Fry                                                                                      Choice of fish-southern breading-fried    

Bourbon Pecan Chicken with Praline Reduction Sauce                           Chicken breast-praline sauce-pecans-butter-brown sugar-Rum

Spicy Jamaican Jerk Chicken - Sweet Mango Rum Sauce                       Chicken breast-jerk spices-avocado oil-mangos-rum-brown sugar

Southern Wisconsin Fish Fry                                                                      Your choice of fish fried in a southern corn batter

Filet of Beef-Fried Herbed Potato-Aju                                                      Tender beef-spice-herbs-potato-sour cream-aju-pan seared

Jambalaya Shrimp & Grits                                                                          Sauteed shrimp-spicy sausage-grits-veggies-cheese-sauce

Creole Pan-Seared Chicken-Wild Mushroom Marsala Cream Sauce    Chicken-avocado oil-creole spices-garlic-shallot-broth-marsala wine    

Jamaican Chicken Curry Pasta                                                                Chicken-curry-rigatoni-wine-cream-broth-green onion

Stuffed Jamaican Jerk Chicken-Mango Rum Sauce                                Chicken-wild rice-cheese-jerk spice-mano-rum

Sockeye-Salmon-Mango Salsa                                                                    Wild Salmon-caribbean spice-mango-peppers-garlic

Blackened Wild Sockeye Salmon                                                                      Wild salmon-cajun spice-avocado oil-pan seared                          

Blackened Chicken Alfrado Potato                                                            Chicken-cajun spice-cream-broth-wine-mushrooms-garlic-cheese blend

Seafood Stuffed Potato                                                                                Shrimp-broth-cream-sherry wine-garlic-wisconsin potato-cheese blend

Champion Stuffed Burger                                                                            Ground chuck-portabella mushrooms-onion-smoke-cheese-pretzel bun

Red Beans & Rice-Spicy Sausage                                                                Slow cooked red beans-sausage-veggies-garlic-rice pilaf

Pan-Seared Haddock-Basil Pesto Cream Sauce                                        Wild haddock-basil-pesto-cream-broth-wine                                           

Baby Back Ribs with  Pineapple Whiskey Sauce                                      Baby Backs-pineapple-bbq sauce-whisky-oven smoked                                                                                                                                          African Chicken-Mango Salsa                                                                    Chicken breast-african spices-mango salsa-avocado oil-seared

Spicy Chicken Garlic Pasta                                                                          Chicken breast-garlic-chili paste-avocado oil-rigatoni-parmesan 

Spicy Kale & Sausage-Mixed Peppers-Garlic-Sweet Onion                          Turkey sausage-kale-spices-garlic-onion-mixed peppers-broth

 Door County Cheery Stuffed French Toast-Cherry Wine Sauce                  French bread-door county cherries-red wine-vanilla-whipped cream.       

Apple Pie stuffed French Toast-Apple Wine Caramel Sauce                          French bread-cream cheese-apple pie-vanilla bean custard-apple wine sauce 

Red Beans & Rice-Spicy Sausage

Champion Stuffed Burger

Seafood Stuffed Potato

Blackened Chicken Alfrado Potato

Spicy Chicken Garlic Pasta

African Chicken-Mango Salsa

Baby Backs-Pineapple Whisky Sauce

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Haddock-Basil Pesto Cream Sauce

Spicy Kale & Sausage-Mixed Peppers-Garlic-Sweet Onion



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